Private Equity

Our Private Equity team works in both Advisory and Consulting roles.

Adduco Capital Partners and Private Equity Advisory

In the Advisory role, acting for company managements and project owners, our team has raised substantial amounts of funding over two decades.

In so doing, we have also successfully been able to place many private, high net-worth clients into high-quality private equity deals.

Adduco Capital Partners and Private Equity Consulting

In the Consulting role, acting for investors, our involvement spans the entire private equity transaction cycle. This covers all stages from initial vetting of a prospective buyout target and strategic due diligence, to post-acquisition strategy activation, value enhancement and, finally, exit strategy.

Our team has built a successful track-record in this area over many years, working globally across small and medium, as well as large cap, sectors.

  • Our deal-stage involvements as Private Equity consultants

During the lifecycle of a typical transaction, Adduco will take lead involvement in the following areas:

Due Diligence We enable Private Equity investors to make an informed decision as to when to proceed with a particular investment.

The goal of the due diligence process is to identify the risk/return profile of the opportunity. This is achieved by rigorous research which helps develop an understanding of the potential of the investment. We provide high-quality, research-backed support so that our client may readily understand the key industry performance issues, including cash flow drivers, relevant market and customer benchmarks as well as successful exit options.

Our team has accumulated years of valuable industry experience, with which we are able to make this labour-intensive and critical process effortless for our client.

Value Creation We take the task of post-acquisition value creation very seriously, setting up benchmarks to track performance, developing growth strategies, implementing operational enhancements, executing follow-on acquisitions, and positioning the investment for a successful exit by our investor client.

Exit Strategy We help ensure investors consummate deals with a maximum return by preparing for exits, identifying the optimal exit strategy, preparing the selling documents and pre-qualifying buyers.

  • Our roles as Private Equity consultants

Within the three, broad areas of involvement detailed above, Adduco’s roles include:

Financial Benchmarking We provide advice on matters such as pricing securities, business valuation and economic forecasting.

Financial Strategy We evaluate and bench test our clients’ current financial strategies, propose amendments, and where required provide other near and medium term options for growth.

Debt and Equity Financing We evaluate and present equity and debt funding options for working, expansion and acquisition capital to potential funders and investors.

Company Sales We manage the sales process for a business from beginning to end, project managing the entire process from the initial pre-marketing and longlisting through to meetings with potential investors/buyers; handling final term sheet/Heads of Terms negotiations; and commercial completion of the deal.

Mergers & Acquisitions We work with clients on both buyside and sellside mandates, on both minority and majority stakes. We evaluate and agree the transaction criteria and research and shortlist prospective targets and counterparties, followed by efficient project management through to close.

Exits and Succession We advise on both trade sale and/or IPO transactions. We work with our clients to agree the timing and to identify other trusted advisers required to maximise the outcome for the shareholders of our client.