We provide services in four core areas of activity. We act for both high net worth individuals and corporate entities in matters of Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Fine Art and Private Equity. We provide clients with exemplary level of service and comprehensive deal execution in all areas of work.


We have in place an extensive global network of both owners and investors which provides us with the ability to source off-market real estate opportunities tailored to an investors specific requirement or to assist an owner to discretely find a buyer for his asset. We like to work in a very professional and transparent manner, our aim being to conclude any transaction with the minimum of fuss to either party providing the highest level of service that we can at all times. We only work on a referral basis, so maintaining our reputation is very important to us.
Oil & Gas

We are active in physical oil and gas trading having established strategic relationships with major oil and gas companies. We focus on securing products which are high in demand with a full supplier order book - this gives us a competitive edge as through our relationships and partnerships we are able to unlock product for our direct buyers which are not readily accessible.

Fine Art

Acquiring the very best is not always easy as there is limited supply - two markets: the historic and speculative. We draw upon our established contacts and transactional experience to deliver rare and sought-after Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary works of fine art with total discretion, transparency, trust and credibility. We specifically locate requested works for our select private buyers with the primary focus on off-market sales on a purely confidential and discrete basis.
Private Equity

We provide Private Equity advisory services to sophisticated, high net worth private clients as well as Private Equity consultancy to corporate clients. We help to bring about value-creating transactions for our clients by ensuring successful identification, execution, operation and exits. Our strategic and executional involvement traverses the lifecycle of the opportunity, enabling us to add value at every stage, whether through keen analysis prior to acquisition or partnering with the client post acquisition.